Addressing a conference organised by Research and Advocacy Fund for Maternal and New Born, the Minister for Planning and Development and Reform stated that it was a challenge for the nation which had the worst social indicators and where the social sector was under-invested and had not received the allocation that they deserve. I would like to ask the Minister, who is responsible for this pathetic situation, where Pakistan is placed lower than Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and other 3rd world countries, why it is so? Surely the responsibility lies with the rulers who pursue anti-people and pro-elitist policies. Their policies are lopsided, they are investing nation’s scarce resources on luxurious projects like metro bus etc, benefitting a small segment of the population and neglecting the common man. It is shameful that 50% of Pakistan’s population doesn’t get potable water, while rulers live in palaces and seven star hotels, at the expense of the population.


Rawalpindi, February 13.