Terrorism in Pakistan has become a continuous destructive phenomenon. Pakistan has become the top ranking among the most terrorised countries, where bloodshed and firing is a norm. Pakistan sees continued aggression by militants against civilians what everyone is asking is who is responsible? There are no answers, in these developed times, when finding a criminal has become easy, if anyone watches CSI, we are still running in circles after our own tail. The measures taken after the ‘Action Plan’ is only making life more miserable for the common man, while politicians sit behind high walls surrounded by security. Who says their file is more dear than mine?

The wounds of school attack were not healed when the city received another brutal massacre. The victims who lost their lives did not even know what the reason was for their death? The government is still not taking any measures to assure security in Peshawar, I cannot understand what are they waiting for? I want to know why these terrorists don’t target politicians and rich elite, why are the masses targeted? If they are really ‘Muslims’ why don’t they target placed where un-Islamic acts take place, why target Mosques and schools, both held in high esteem by real Muslims.


Karachi, February 13.