The bad joke called Obama who poses as the global emperor called up Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif last Thursday, spinning his usual yarns about working together for a stable, secure and prosperous Pakistan and the region. The very next day, his regional side-kick, mini-me Modi, followed suit to wish Pakistan luck in the cricket world cup and discuss regional peace in the same breath. It is no coincidence that these were the exact days when the Chinese Foreign Minister was in Pakistan.

The two long-distance callers had forgotten to express such positive feelings and intentions for Pakistan when they were hugging each other in New Delhi last month. In fact, they’d taken that opportunity to send exactly the opposite message not only to Pakistan but also to China, making no bones about who their strategic cooperation was directed against. The telephone calls in quick succession should be viewed as a continuation of that understanding rather than a change of heart on the part of these devious leaders.

It would be silly to read too much into the prospects of another Obama-Sharif meeting or the visit of India’s foreign secretary to Islamabad discussed by them. More than an opportunity for dialogue, they are cleverly crafted distractions designed to play into the unchanged imperial game-plan. During Obama’s New Delhi visit, the two leaders had resolved to work together on regional and global issues and, if anything, the synchronized phone-calls are an indication that they’ve started working on that resolve in earnest.

Clearly, the US and India are both alarmed by our rapidly growing cooperation with China on every front and they’d do anything and everything to spoil this broth that is sumptuous for both Pakistan and China but spells disaster for the imperial plans for Pakistan and the region. The false hopes peddled by the phone-calls change nothing on the ground. Obviously, it would take more than a Nawaz-Obama meeting to end the occupation of Afghanistan and close down the factories of terrorists that the US is running there with Indian cooperation.

Similarly, it would be foolish to expect too much from the visit of Indian foreign secretary. More than a breakthrough in the stalled Pak-India secretary level talks, it is a part of the secretary’s tour to SAARC countries aimed at bolstering India’s image as the big brother of the region. He’s not expected to discuss Kashmir or Indian firing on the LOC and the working boundary, let alone the Indian role in facilitating and funding terrorism that targets Balochistan and FATA from Afghanistan.

There’s no point in reaching out for these telephonic lollipops. There is a war being waged against Pakistan by the callers, and any illusions of dialogue or accommodation of our interests peddled by them should not be taken seriously. As its track record and present actions show, the duplicitous empire does not care much about peace or principles. It only understands the language of power and war. And let’s face it, on our own we do not have what it takes to keep its greedy dirty fingers out of our pie.

On our own, we are not powerful enough to negotiate even some breathing space for ourselves from the empire. We have tried it for decades, pleading for our place in the sun as its partner and ally. What we got in return were peanuts at best. And it should be clear by now that we are designated for destruction by the empire. As things stand today, India is on the empire’s side. Our only chance of surviving this all-out imperial attack lies in joining the emergent China-Rusia nexus. Responding to wrong numbers, and being distracted by such calls, is unlikely to get us anywhere.

Though conned by the empire’s partnership rhetoric for years, these powerful countries in our neighborhood have come alive to the imperial threat and are actively engaged in resisting it today. China and Russia have provided an impetus to the worldwide resistance against imperialist badmashi and the exploitative and violence-infested so-called international order lorded over by the US. The only chance for Pakistan to emerge as a peaceful and prosperous society lies within the context of the new world being shaped by the new pole of global power.

The resistance led by China and Russia is not about gaining control of territories and expanding their sphere of influence to do what the empire does. For Pakistan, and other smaller countries, it’s not about changing one set of imperial masters for another. The resistance goes much deeper and questions the right of a gang of rich and powerful countries under the US umbrella to control the world and its resources through violence and manufactured wars, through the capital-driven dollar-based economy and corporate-led neo-liberal notions of development, democracy and freedom.

It challenges the devious imperial tools of controlling the world such as the fraudulent war on terror, which is actually a cover for breeding terrorists to use them as tools for destabilizing and invading sovereign states. Since we are one of the prime targets of this two-faced war lodged by the empire, it should be reason enough to choose the other side, even if the resistance was only about gaining territories and strategic advantages. But the winds of change blowing in from the emergent bloc are clearly about much more.

A host of countries around the world, who might not be as powerful as China and Russia but who have been resisting imperial aggression in their own small ways, are gravitating towards this new pole; Venezuela, Iran, South Africa, Brazil, North Korea, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Argentina, Syria and Central Asian members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to name those that are clear about which side they are on. Several other countries in the developing world are deepening their ties with China and Russia despite opposition from their imperial masters. And that is not all.

The wily ways of the empire and the death and destruction it spreads in the world to pave the way for corporate plunder are being challenged in the bastions of the crumbling empire. Greece has risen in rebellion and Spain is bracing to do the same.