As an annual event of Beaconhouse Valencia town campus Melange offers a various opportunities, activities and exposure to students.

The day 1 escapade/adventures start from the assertive and humorous debated at VT podium followed by quizical way of learning in VT brainiac and ends in the field of Virtuoso where young artists will draw out their hearts.

From this inquisitive aura, we move onto the ground on day 2 in VT khel where students show gusto and sportsmanship and to the world of virtual gaming in Gamezone where there are no ends.

The fun continues in the amusing urdu poetry at Bazm e Sukhn and the day finishes off with the VT socials, surely a memorable evening.

Finally, we step into day 3 and the VT conundrum after which juvenile scientists will present exquisite projects in VT Discovery and today's Musicians will mesmerize the audience with merry melodies. The management proudly presents to you this mega event, Melange 3.0.