CHAKWAL - Three youngsters drowned in a fishpond and died on the spot here at village Pahar Khan on Saturday.

According to details, owner of the fish farm Muhammad Zaheer along with his two cousins M Irfan and M Imran were fishing in the pond in a yacht. When they reached midway, a hole developed in the yacht and it filled with water. Resultantly the yacht sank and all three drowned.  The army divers were called and after four hours of hectic efforts, all the three dead bodies were recovered. The death of three youngsters caused great shock in the village.

PROTEST AGAINST SCHOOL CLOSURE: Staff Reporter from Bannu adds: Hundreds of students along with their teachers and students set up a protest camp outside the Bannu Press Club against the closure of Working Folk Grammar School Shahbaz Azmat Khel. The school was closed due to stoppage of funds thus putting at risk the future of 400 students.  Addressing the camp, the protestors strongly condemned the federal government for stopping funds to the school, saying the children of poor people were getting education in this school and now they were deprived of the facility.

, which belied the claim of incumbent federal government to provide best education facilities to masses at their doorsteps.

They said if the school was not reopened immediately then they will in protest give up Pakistani citizenship and will burn the schoolbooks and begs of the children in front of the Prime Minister House.  The protest camp was attended by the workers and activists of civil society, teacher and labour organisations, and local political leaders.