KARACHI - K-Electric has set up a facilitation desk to receive applications from eligible residential, commercial and industrial customers interested in availing Net-Metering facility.

The initiative is in line with Nepra’s net-metering guidelines where customers can obtain a license to sell their excess electricity back to the power utility. All KE residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers having a 3 phase connection at 400V – 11 kV are eligible to apply for this facility. Once the application is approved, the energy exported will be netted off against imported energy and billed according to the prevailing tariff. The spokesperson said that the application process has been kept simple with all necessary information and forms available on KE’s website. “Net Metering facilitation desk manned by a dedicated team will serve as a single point of contact for our valued customers for entire net-metering application process”.

K-Electric’s spokesperson further said that we were accepting applications from consumers who wish to sell their excess electricity produced from their roof-top solar PV panels or solar generators. “We request all interested consumers to go through K-Electric’s website for detailed guidelines.”

After the application is approved by the power utility and a bi-directional meter is installed, the consumer can start selling excess energy. Solar PV Equipment installation must be done by vendors that are approved by the Alternate Energy Development Board (AEDB). Established by the Federal Government, AEDB is a statutory organization under the Power Division to facilitate, promote and encourage development of Renewable Energy in Pakistan.

K-Electric is committed to ensuring provision of affordable and reliable energy solutions to its consumers.