KARACHI - The heavy rain in the city by the sea washed away all the claims made by the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), as most of the areas in the city faced power outage with first drop of rain. According to the met reports, Karachi has witnessed 22 ml of rain since the rain had started on Friday evening. This raining period will continue for next 2 days as well as in the met report. With such pleasant weather, citizens of Karachi faced power outages since the rain starts in the city. Despites announcements, the efficiency of KESC become apparent with the rain, as Airport, North Karachi, Nazimabad, Orangi, Valika, Hub Chowki, Vinder, Uthal and Bela grids had been affected and left most of the areas of the city without electricity. People in a few of the localities had to spent night without power supply. The power demand in the city has also gone down significantly and is 1462 MWs. Meanwhile, the KESC has asked the general public to keep away from fallen wires and rain-soaked electric installations and inform the utility in case of any rain-related emergency. Jan Abbas Zaidi, Chief Operating Officer Distribution, while addressing a news briefing, informed media that the response from the citizens in respect of safety advices had been positive and no case of any life damage had been reported. He informed that the KESC had received 68 reports of wires falling down because of fast winds and rains from all over the City by 2 PM Saturday. He further stated that at that time, for several reasons, the power demand of the City had dropped to 1462 MWs while the utility had been supplying 1372 MWs. These reasons included a big fall in the commercial load since the markets had not fully been working on the rainy day. Simultaneously, there had been a drastic cut in the use of air conditioners. Power generation was available for this call, if humidity increased, which usually needed a load of 300 to 400 MWs. On the other hand, a total of 271 feeders had tripped out of over 1100 feeders in different intervals at the start of Monsoon season since the previous evening, of which 187 had been fixed. While work was underway on 84 feeders as well as on the cable faults in the Defence-Queens Road circuit, Baldia-Hub Chowki circuit, Sector 12-A North Karachi and Gulshan-e-Zia Orangi sectors, Old Sabzi Mandi, Quaidabad, Malir, Federal B. Area and Nazimabad Block No. 2. In total, this repair work while completed would culminate in a demand of another 250 to 270 MWs. Zaidi said that Independent Power Plant (IPP) Tapal had tripped but had come back online. Supply from two other IPPs, KANUPP and Gul Ahmed, was still suspended. The KESC officials would be meeting the Gul Ahmed management soon to negotiate resumption of electricity supply from that IPP. He said the utility had announced a red alert among its employees and the holidaying employees had been called back. He asked the consumers to demonstrate patience during the interruptions caused by rains as certain faults could only be located and repaired when the rain stops. Working on rain-soaked cables and poles can be dangerous for the employees whose safety was also a matter of great importance for the KESC management. He said that the KESC was in contact with the Meteorological Department as well as the Town Nazims and had been making all arrangements to face the rains, which were predicted to continue for the next few days intermittently. He told that the utility is making all out efforts to come up to the expectations of its consumers. KESC is aware of the fact that this time the rain-related emergencies were much less in quality and quantity as compared to the scene of the previous few years.