PESHAWAR - Hundreds of Taliban militants getting advantage of the poor security on Swats boundaries with Dir and Buner have succeeded in slipping into other parts of the province. During a visit to Swat and Malakand, TheNation came to know about slipping of hundreds of Taliban militants to other regions through Dir and Buner. A resident of Matta informed that he himself witnessed 500 to 600 militants, scattered in Qadar Banda, situated just on the boundaries between Dir and Swat. He informed that so far these Taliban militants were on defence and some of them were in a bid to slip into other parts. For this purpose, these militants are changing their outlook and face structure by shaving their beards and changing clothes. Similarly, they are also trying to restore contacts with their accomplices. In this respect, they are also utilising services and presence of their like-minded colleagues throughout the province. Apart from Matta, hundreds of Taliban militants are present in certain parts of Buner. In the mountains, connecting Buner with Swat, Taliban are still ruling the roost. They are involved in killing of innocent people including personnel of the security forces, activists of different political parties, and others. The militants recently set on fire and bombed houses of two journalists and slaughtered two policemen in surrounding areas of Pir Baba. The situation seems to be comparatively more critical and tough in Chagharzai area connecting Buner with Shangla and Mansehra districts. Around 800 gun-totting Taliban militants including foreigners and non-Pushto speaking elements have assembled on the banks of the Indus. Such elements are in a bid to enter Hazara region. The dwellers from Chagharzai informed TheNation that Taliban militants had established check-posts. They are also patrolling on main roads and streets. Even Taliban are detaining activists of different political parties on the charges of spying against them. A couple of days back, an activist of Jamaat-e-Islami was detained but he escaped from a torture cell, established in the premises of a government school. The presence of Taliban militants in the mountainous regions of Buner and Dir was not only causing unrest amongst the local people but even it became a threat to law and order in the rest of the province, particularly in Hazara region. Time and again, peace-loving people including elected representatives have made their best to convince the custodians of law and order for fulfilling their responsibilities. Failure on the part of custodians of law and order is now causing wide-ranging displacement from the area.