ISLAMABAD -  Adviser to PM on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz informed the Senate on Tuesday that the Terms of Reference (ToRs) about the proposed Islamic military alliance’s operations had not been finalised as yet.

"There must be a meeting between the member nations in order to finlize the ToRs, which has not been possible," he said while assuring that the Upper House that the parliament would be briefed regarding the ToRs as soon as they were finalised.

He said the ToRs will be finalized through a consultative mechanism of the member countries at the defence ministers level.

He said the recently retired Chief of Army Staff, Gen Raheel Sharif, who is heading the alliance, is presently performing advisory role and not heading any troops. Sartaj said Raheel Sharif will implement the same policy as constituted by the Pakistan’s parliament.

Taking part in the discussion, the members said that Pakistan will not get dictation from any country in the matters of its internal security. They said that all possible steps should be taken to ensure peace and security in the country. They said that their foreign policy should be based on having good relations with all the countries particularly the Islamic nations.

However, inquisitive backer of the motion, moved to seek the updated position of the proposed military alliance, questioned as to why the former army chief had been sent to Saudi Arabia if the ToRs were still undecided.

The most pinching was the questions raised by Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani asking why Gen Sharif was in Saudi Arabia if he was not yet leading any army.

Rabbani further asked how the government had deemed it okay to send a former army chief who has knowledge of the country's nuclear secrets to a sensitive area without even knowing what he would be doing there.

"What if the ToRs are not in the interest of Pakistan's national security? What will you do then? You have already sent Raheel Sharif to Saudi Arabia," he asked.

Senator Farhatullah Babar asked why Raheel Sharif had announced 10 months prior to his retirement that he would not be looking for an extension in his tenure as army chief.

"What was the purpose of making the announcement so far in advance," he asked, "particularly if no offers had been made to him at that point?"

Babar asked whether Sharif wished his availability in his post-retirement time to Saudi Arabia and whether the announcement was made for the benefit of the Saudi leadership. The senator called for an investigation into the matter.

Senator Ilyas Bilour said Pakistani lawmakers would not allow there to be any sectarian conflict in the country while asserting that ToRs against Iran would not be acceptable.

While responding to another motion, Mr. Aziz said that Pakistan is taking indiscriminate action against all groups of terrorists in the best national interest.

The motion was moved to seek details of the recent visit of the US congressional delegation headed by Chairman US armed services committee Senator Mcain.

Aziz said the visiting delegation was briefed about Pakistan's initiative for the elimination of terrorism and making Pak-Afghan border more secure. He also said the delegation was impressed by the steps taken by Pakistan against the terrorists. He said when the delegation visited Afghanistan then they were briefed by Afghan authorities about their reservations. He said the statement made by the Chairman US armed services committee was in response to the briefing by Afghanistan.