LAHORE   -   Angeline Malik cut her creative teeth in television initially as a veteran actress with nearly 100 TV dramas to her credit, her contribution to the small screen is both commendable and diverse. Hailed as one of the finest directors, today she is also known as a producer working under the banner of Angelic Films.

She has created a name for herself in an industry that is mostly male-dominated through the roles she has played and the subjects she has chosen. In a brief encounter with The Nation, she talks about her role as a creative producer in film ‘Baaji’.

Why did you take the role of Creative Producer for ‘Baaji’?

Firstly always been a fan of Saqib’s work from ‘Khamaaj to Na re Na’ and I always thought if someone would make a good film that is Saqib and we have been talking about this since a long time. Secondly, ‘Baaji’ is a story never told before and I loved that, a world never explored. 

What was your involvement?

I was more involved in the scripting process. Spent a lot of sleepless nights working on the script with the team and then helped in casting and finally in post. I think what I brought in was my expertise of storytelling and knowledge of content acquired over the years working in drama, as conveyed by Saqib.

Any word for Baaji’s cast  and production team?

I feel what worked for ‘Baaji’ was the perfect cast and their exceptional performances it seemed the roles were written for them. They were just the way we had imagined them to be while working on the script.

How easy or challenging was  your work in the film?

Film is always a big challenge. With a huge fear of how it will be received. The biggest challenge in a commercial cinema is telling a story you want to tell, but a story which is acceptable to the viewers at the same time.

 How did your fans receive you as a  creative producer and cameo artist?

Well so far from the feedback I have received they loved it. As far as the short cameo I have been told I have a big-screen presence.

What makes your work in ‘Baaji’ stand out from your previous works?

You could say it’s my first film as a creative producer and I am glad Saqib believed in me.

How do you see Saqib Malik’s work? The film has received a good response. Do you think it will be another blockbuster?

I totally think so. Not because I am a part of it but after previewing it in post numerous times, watching it on the big screen as a viewer I found it totally gripping.

Any word for Meera Jee, how do  you find her as an actress?

I have one word for her she is a Super Star. She has the charisma, presence, and charm that an actor requires to have to draw in an audience and command their full attention.

As a well-established director and creative producer, where do you see the Pakistani film industry in the coming years?

Filmmaking is something which comes from the heart. A story a filmmaker wants to tell regardless of what the viewers want to see regardless of what will make money, regardless of following the concept of a formula film. So far most of the films we have made have catered to what people want to see with the exception of a few unless we don’t dare to tell a story we want to tell, the revival of cinema will never happen. Hence one of the reasons why I choose to work with Saqib is that he dared to go that way. 

Would you like to tell us something  about your upcoming projects?

Presently my series on HUM is ‘Choti Choti Batain’, it is an experimental short episodic series and my upcoming film Kalasha shot in Kalash will soon be released. It’s an independent film based on the Kalasha culture. You will see me in a different avatar.