ISLAMABAD   -   Prime Institute, in collaboration with Friedrich Naumann Foundation, National Youth Assembly and Ahmed Bashir & Associates, held its 1st Meeting of Islamabad Working Group on the “Street Vendor Project”. Purpose of the meeting was to obtain feedback from multiple stakeholders on preparing a draft Legislative Bill for the protection of vending rights of street vendors and articulating the public space usage. The meeting commenced with a brief overview of the “Street Vendor Project” given by Research Associate Beenish Javed at PRIME where she highlighted the rationale and objectives of the meeting. In doing so, she also shed light on the economic significance of the vending community, the challenges they face in livelihoods and the need to regulate and protect their vending rights. Senior Lawyer Ahmed Bashir, presented the draft legislative bill on urban street vendors which focuses on regulating and protecting the rights of vendors. The bill covers aspects related to demarcation of vending zones, licensing, compensation, penalties, formation of a representative body, establishment of vendors association, provision of micro-credit, redress mechanism and formulation of a national policy for street vendors. He emphasized that in order to provide legal recognition to street vendors, declaration of clearly demarcated vending zones is a priority. President National Youth Assembly Hanan Ali Abbasi, addressed the audience about the dichotomy of haves and have nots in the society. He pointed out towards vast income gulf prevalent under current economic dispensation.