ISLAMABAD   -   ‘Naach Na jaanay’, a prequel of Anwar Maqsood’s classic comedy from 80s ‘Aangan Terha’, is all set to be staged in capital from July 24.

The play was the first production of Arts Council in collaboration with KopyKats Productions and has been written by legendary satirist and humourist Anwar Maqsood as a prequel of classic TV drama from the golden era of Pakistan Television (PTV).

Theatre artist and comedian, Yasir Hussain will reprise the role of ‘Akbar’, one of the lead characters of ‘Aangan Terha’. He (Akbar) was a former classical dancer who was employed at Mehboob and Jahan Ara’s after dance academies shut down. He kept on reminding them of both his unpaid salary (worth Rs30,615) and his passion as an artist.

Yasir Hussain has also performed key roles in several Anwar Maqsood plays such as ‘Pawney 14 August’, ‘Sawa 14 August’ and ‘Aangan Terha’ in the past. He will be returning to the stage after almost 7 years with ‘Naach Na Jaanay’.

‘Naach Na Jaanay’ generated immense appreciation during its extended Karachi run earlier this year. At Karachi premier, Anwar Maqsood said that the amount raised from this production will go to artists who were no longer working or retired and need support for survival.

According to Anwar Maqsood, the making this production as a prequel aimed at highlighting the Akbar’s story from 1978 when Zia ul Haq was in power and dance academies were closed and it was eradicated from Pakistan.  He said that it was important for young generation to know about many things that were banned during Zia-ul-Haq’s era and any form of art was the best way to convey the message to youth.

According to recent updates, first show of the play was scheduled for July 24 while the play will run till August 11. There will be a few changes in the lineup of artists featured in the play, as compared to the Karachi run.

The ensemble cast also included Usman Mukhtar, who will be playing the role of Prime Minister Imran Khan that was essayed by director and founder of the KopyKats Productions, Dawar Mehmood during the Karachi run.