KARACHI - The administrative control of Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) falls under the purview of Sindh government but its chairmanship has been given to City Nazim Karachi with an understanding between provincial government and the CDGK. Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah said this during a question-hour at Sindh Assembly on Thursday. To a question about the administrative control of KWSB, Arif Mustafa Jatoi from opposition benches was answered by Local Government Minister Agha Siraj Durani that KWSB board of directors had been reconstituted under the chairmanship of City Nazim CDGK while administratively it would remain under the control of provincial government. Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah further clarified that though under the law, the Local Government Minister is the Chairman of KWSB, but after mutual understanding between Sindh government and CDGK, its chairmanship was assigned to the City Nazim Karachi. Replying to another query, Agha Siraj Durani said the CDGK was not authorised to allot the revenue land in city this authority lies with the Land Utilisation Department of Sindh Board of Revenue. He added the building of Radio Pakistan at M.A Jinnah Road was the property of the CDGK. Meanwhile, Qaim Ali Shah made it clear that this land still belongs to federal government but under new law, passed by the Sindh Assembly, provincial government could take it back. He further said that Information Department of federal government, CDGK and provincial government could initiate joint project in this building. Speaking on the issue, Provincial Minister, Shoaib Bukhari, said that various sections of the radio Pakistan remained under the use of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, so a plan was under consideration to declare it the national heritage. To a query from PPP member Nadeem Ahmed Bhutto regarding the Karachi Strategic Development Plan 2020, Siraj Durani said that during the preparation of this plan, the contribution of federal and provincial governments, CDGK/International Donor Agencies/Development partners, various technical committees of the city government and valuable input from professionals and individuals were obtained. Later, a strategy for achieving the plan objectives was formulated and translated into specific strategic proposals. The draft plan prepared by the consultant was reviewed and improved by the Master Plan group of offices CDGK with the assistance of expert group engaged through Asian Development Bank. The existing Coordination Committee for Development of Karachi formed by federal government under the leadership of Governor Sindh will act as the Karachi Strategic Development Plan Steering Committee. Durani further said that elections of village and neighbouring councils were the responsibility of concerned town/tehsil councils but these governments failed in conducting the polls. He said the LGS would be abolished after the tenure of present local governments expired. Replying to another question, Minister Local Government said the M/s. Lucky Cement initiated a proposal requesting city government Karachi for use of solid waste as Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) being an alternate source of energy for its specialised plant/technology. An agreement was executed with M/s. Lucky Cement for sale of Municipal Solid Waste at Rs230/-per to from the landfill site subject to issuance of NOC form M/s. Shanghai Shengong Environmental as collection of solid waste was outsourced to the Chinese company, he said. Subsequently, in response to public notice issued in newspapers, three more cement factories, M/s. l-Abbas Cement Industries Ltd., M/s. Javedan Cement Limited and Attock Cement Pakistan Limited expressed willingness to procure Municipal Solid Waste as Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) on the same terms and conditions as offered by M/s. Lucky Cement, Minister replied, adding that two other companies, M/s. Gresham Eastern Private Limited and M/s. Invisor Securities in Pakistan, also offered the rates for acquiring the municipal solid waste, but none of these offers including one of the Lucky Cement has been finalized yet.