ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Muslim League-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif Thursday said the government should avoid opening any new fronts without political consultation and taking all the segments of the society on board to avoid negative fallout on people and the economy. It is essential that the government takes all sections of society, including political forces, religious scholars and media on board prior to opening new fronts; otherwise it would be difficult for the government to achieve desired results, said the PML-N chief while addressing a consultative meeting of the party leadership here at the Punjab House. He said for permanent deliverance from extremism and terrorism, the government should diagnose root causes of terrorism and extremism and seek their solutions. Extremism cant be eradicated until people are given peace of mind that can be achieved only by resolving their burning issues, he said. He said the government should address all the real issues being faced by the people on priority basis to make Pakistan a strong and stable democracy. The government needs to address the root causes of major problems and crises confronting the people and forcing them to adopt extremist methods, he said. The PML-N chief said the country is facing several challenges including inflation, poverty, unemployment, law and order, power crisis, health and illiteracy so there is need to adopt a comprehensive strategy to rid the country of all these problems. Nawaz Sharif said the relief and rehabilitation of internally displaced persons from Malakand Division and reconstruction of infrastructure is another challenge to be faced by the government. He urged all the political forces and people to come forward to play their role for safe repatriation of displaced persons, adding that the PML-N and Punjab government would continue assisting IDPs until all the families go back to their native towns safe and sound. The PML-N chief expressed his concerns about the nightlong power breakdown in Karachi, and urged government to seek a permanent solution to the problem of power outages in Karachi. Chairman PML-N Raja Zafarulhaq, Senator Ishaq Dar, Senior Vice President Javed Hashmi, Mehtab Abbasi, Khawaja Asif, Pervez Rasheed, Mushahidullah and Khawaja Saad Rafique attended the meeting. In a related development, PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif on Thursday called for devising a comprehensive and effective strategy to purge extremism from the country by addressing the root causes of the menace. We need wide-ranging policies to eliminate terrorism and extremism from Pakistans soil. But the foremost need is to identify and address root causes of these evils, said the PML-N chief during his farewell meeting with the outgoing Saudi Ambassador Ali Awadh Asseri at Punjab House. He said the repeated imposition of martial law and violation of the Constitution fostered extremism in the society and also hindered the pace of development in the country. If the democratic traditions were not flouted, the situation could have been different, he said. Describing the rule of law and social justice as guarantor of stable democracy, he called for pursuing a comprehensive and multi-faceted strategy to strengthen the institutions instead of individuals. If the institutions are strong, no internal or external force can harm the country, the former prime minister said. He said Pakistan was facing the worst form of extremism but the people of Pakistan strongly condemn militancy and terrorism and would exert their utmost efforts for their deliverance from these menaces. The PML-N chief said during his tenure the Saudi Ambassador played remarkable role to strengthen ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Regarding the detention of a Pakistani family in Saudi Arabia for suspected involvement in drug smuggling, the PML-N chief hoped that the Saudi government would resolve the matter in accordance with the norms of justice. He lauded Saudi Arabias role to assist IDPs and said the PML-N and Punjab government would continue supporting displaced families till their safe return to their homes and rehabilitation. The outgoing Saudi Ambassador lauded the role of the PML-N in assisting the IDPs and striving for stability and prosperity of the country.