A deficit budget for the NWFP, like the Federal, Punjab and Sindh budgets. There is a greater impulse, of course, for the Frontier to outspend itself. Out of all the federating units, it is the one that faces a clear civil war. The writ of the state has been challenged here and the military has been called in to re-establish it. The rather unique methodology of our armed forces seems to have little efficiency and yields large levels of collateral damage. This has led a huge proportion of the population to relocate to other parts of the province. It is to aid these IDPs that the provincial government would dole out Rs 2 billion in the current financial year. The provincial government has also hiked the amount set aside for the police by 47 percent. This was but necessary. The police are a front-line defence in the War on Terror. As the Americans figures out in Iraq, the Army's job is simple; it is the policing that is infinitely more complicated. In a guns-versus-butter trade-off, there are certainly going to be voices of the view that the money could have been spent elsewhere. But at times like these, this money should be spent on improving the lot of the police force. Not only should the force be given incentives, but the jawans also need to be made far more proud of the noble job they are undertaking. The issue of hydel profits, often erroneously confused with the NFC, is also one that needs to be taken care of. The NWFP is going to receive Rs 6 billion as hydel profits this year. There is a bit of a disagreement between WAPDA and the former over what this rate should be. Then there is also the issue of the arrears of these profits that are due to the province. Granted, Wapda is a cash-strapped organisation and the federal government has limited fiscal space, but the province that is undertaking great economic costs and far more social costs in the War should get its just demands met.