Consequent upon military operation against militants in Swat, unimaginable displacement of people took place. Let us accept the fact that neither federal nor provincial governments were prepared for it. In a state of horrible confusion, many refugee camps were hurriedly established at different places to provide a shelter to the IDPs. They are currently being provided the basic necessities of life on adhoc basis by the government, different political parties and some NGOs. This large-scale exodus of population resembles the great migration of the Partition in 1947. May I remind the nation that in 1947, only one relief fund namely 'Quaid-e-Azam Relief Fund' was established, for collection of donations for rehabilitation of the arriving refugees. Compare that with the situation now when first, a Prime Minister's Relief Fund was founded and people were asked to donate money and goods to it. Subsequently all political parties started distribution of relief goods and opened relief funds in the name of their leaders. Then came a flood of NGOs. The Chief Minister of Punjab also established an account to raise funds for IDPs. The Chief Ministers of other provinces followed suit. One wonders why relief fund accounts are being opened in different names? -RAJA SHAFAATULLAH, Islamabad, via e-mail, June 12.