LAHORE - The religious organisations would make their own security arrangements at their respective institutions besides those made by the government. Ulema of various schools of thought during a meeting with the Commissioner Lahore, Khusro Pervez agreed to make foolproof security arrangements at the madarras, mosques under their control in addition to that provided by the government. They would use metal detectors, walk-throw gates, CCTV, scanners and other security measures at their respective institutions. Khusro Pervez addressing ulema said that the government has zero tolerance for those who attacked our religious sholars, mosques, madarras, police and the security agencies. We condemn their activity and will defeat them with the help of administration and the public. The perpetrators of terrorism are neither Muslims nor loyal to the country, he said adding, in the war against terrorism, opinion, code of ethics and decision of all ulema are the same. The Commissioner reminded the administrative officers that any material which disseminates hatred and the cassettes, walk-chalking, and others are totally banned. He asked the officers to carry out complete recording of the speeches being made at the mosques, and the religious institutions. He said display of arms will also remain banned. The Commissioner said the government has chalked out a foolproof revised security plan in order to ensure security in the City at all costs for which, he added, police and other security agencies are fully alert. The Commissioner also said that through publicity everyone is being asked to act upon the 'eye-watch policy ie, the citizens would take note of any suspicious activity of anyone in their respective area, would also know a person if he remains absent from his house for days and months, or if anyone has frequent visits of his friends. Detecting anything, he said, the citizens must inform on 15. He also asked for informing the police if any citizen receives anyone harassing phone call. DCO Lahore Sajjad Ahmad Bhutta said that at the present we are facing terrorism and the whole nation is in a state of war. Protection and security of every mosque, darbar, madrassa and building is the responsibility of the government and it was fully alive to it. He said in schools and colleges special monitoring is being conducted besides persons in plainclothes have also been deployed there. The meeting was also attended by SSP Shafiq Ahmad Gujjar, SP Abdul Jabbar, Allama Muhammad Younas, Maulana Asadullah Farooqui, Hafiz Tahir Mahmood, Hanif Jallandari, Muhammad Akram Kashmiri, Dr Mamoodul Hassan, Maulana Rashid, Dr Qari Ahmad Mian Thanvi, Asad Abaidullah and others.