ISLAMABAD-Water supply situation in I sector has not improved despite repeated public complaints and media reports pertaining to the negligence of the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Although acute water shortage problem is not new to Islamabad, yet the lethargic approach shown by the CDA is adding insult to injury of the already frustrated masses. Time and again, the local media has slammed CDA for depriving citizens of their basic rights of survival and its failure to address their grievances. The continuous shortage of water in I sectors (I-8, I-9, I-10) for the last one week is an unfortunate example of the DG Water Supplys little concerns for matters of public importance. According to details, the residents of the sectors I-8, I-9 and I-10 are suffering from water shortage since June 12. They told TheNation that the CDA had disconnected the water supply to a large portion of the aforementioned areas, just a day prior to the budget announcement. Since then, people are facing acute water shortage and are relying on water tankers to tackle the issue. TheNation had contacted the officials concerned last week who had reported that the pipeline that provided water to the I-8 sector had broken down and water would be supplied to the affected areas once the pipeline was repaired. Contrary to what the officials had said, some residents had contacted this correspondent to report that the damaged pipeline had been repaired three days ago, but the water supply had not been resumed yet. During a survey of the affected areas, this scribe witnessed that Mughal, Abu Huraira, Sangam and Pakeeza markets located in I-8/1, I-8/2, I-8/3 and I-8/4 respectively, were suffering due to the complete absence of water, while the masses in the adjoining localities were also facing the same problem. In order to meet the water requirements, people residing in these areas were getting water from tankers provided by the Authority but these tankers did not cater for the growing demand of water and were being provided to only a few 'lucky ones while majority remained sans water. A single water tanker that could prove sufficient for only one house, supplied water to three houses. Residents who had registered their complaints with CDA help line reported that they had to wait for several days for the water tankers to arrive at their places. TheNation made numerous attempts to contact Director General, Directorate of Water, CDA, Sanaullah Aman to get his version in this regard but despite making several attempts at his office number as well as cell phone, Sanaullah Khan could not be reached for comments. It is pertinent to mention here that CDA bosses have formed a separate water directorate to tackle water-related problems but the efficiency of the above mentioned directorate instead of improving has declined drastically after acquiring a separate status.