There is a fundamental contradiction between the actions and words of the Pakistani government. In order to befool the masses, people like Zahid Hamid and Rehman Malik keep on insisting that India is fueling the insurgency in Swat and Balochistan thereby giving the operation the spin of a noble cause. On the other hand, President Zardari is ever ready for unconditional talks with India and our FM has signed the agreement of allowing India use of our territory for a transit trade whose route bisects across Pakistan. What hypocrisy If the government is genuinely interested in rooting out the insurgency, they would have to first cut the sources of insurgency which are the American intelligence agencies operating in the length and breadth of the country and the Indian intelligence agencies operating from across the Durand line. These agencies have set our country on fire in order to whip up the pro-operation support sentiment among the masses. -SAAD JADOON, via e-mail, June 12.