BRUSSELS (APP) - President Asif Ali Zardari has invited Belgian businessmen to come to Pakistan and explore a market that boasts of over 170 million people. Addressing leading Belgian businessmen at a dinner meeting late Wednesday, the President said just like Belgium, which is gateway to Europe, Pakistan is a gateway to central Asian states. Lets take advantage of each others markets, he added. The President said on one side of Pakistan is the burgeoning market of China having a population of over one billion while on the other side there is India which too has a market of over one billion people. He said Pakistan offers a cordial business atmosphere and with its strategic geographical location, businessmen from around the world can get closer to Chinese and Indian ports through Pakistan. He said Pakistan, since its creation has been an ally of Europe and the US but the business relations with them have not developed to full potential. President Zardari said Pakistan has all the natural resources in the world which need to be exploited. Speaking about the security situation, he said it was in Pakistans own interest to have peace and security. He said Islam is a religion of peace and love but certain elements have misquoted some particular teachings of this great religion for their own vested interests. He said Islam never spread through the use of force . It was the true message of love and peace that spread as far as the shores of Spain. President Zardari who attended the first ever Pakistan-EU summit earlier in the morning, stressed the importance of democracy and dialogue for solving every problem. He said his Shaheed wife Benazir Bhutto travelled around the world carrying the message of democracy and dialogue. He said a dictator was removed in Pakistan through dialogue and it was the dialogue which helped him secure his release from the prison. He expressed the hope that, with the support of the EU, democracy would flourish in Pakistan.