Los Angeles-The lead singer and frontman of British indie band The View, Kyle Falconer, was detained in France after reportedly becoming ‘violent and disruptive’ on-board a Jet2 Flight from Barcelona to Glasgow.

Falconer, 29 – whose band came to prominence with hit single Same Jeans – is alleged to have become verbally abusive to onboard staff when he was moved to a separate seat away from his girlfriend.

The flight was forced to make an unscheduled stop in Nantes, France, following Falconer’s outburst, where he was forced off the flight and restrained by French police.  Falconer reportedly swore and shouted at cabin crew and fellow passengers on board. The unscheduled diversion resulted in a two-hour delay for passengers.

One man on board, Richard Davidson, from Inverness, Scotland, reportedly witnessed the events unfold, claiming that Falconer had been lying on the floor of the departures lounge at Reus airport, Barcelona, before boarding the flight .

“Kyle’s fiancee was in one row and his allocated seat was in a different row. He basically parked his backside next to her in complete disregard for whoever had booked the seat. The person came on the flight and asked him to move,” said Davidson.