London-A YouTube vlog-style series, which was said to be one of the first examples of viral video, has had new material uploaded for the first time since 2009.

The video has already had thousands of views and original fans of the channel, Lonelygirl15, have expressed surprise.

The show, in the form of a confessional vlog by a teenage girl, launched in 2005 and was later revealed to have been scripted. It attracted millions of viewers, even after the staging was announced.

The film makers called a press conference after a year, following increasing suspicion among fans and the media that the central character, Bree, was not a real person. Co-creator Mesh Flinders, speaking before the new video was uploaded, told the Guardian that he did not think the project would work in today’s climate. “On YouTube now we wouldn’t get away with this for 30 seconds,” he said.

“People would know she’s fake immediately.”

The show, which ran for two years, grew a cast of characters and frequently referenced a mysterious and sinister religion.

The storyline became a fight against an organisation called The Order.

It continued to run after Bree was killed off - but she is back in the new video, which includes some hidden material. “I know, you’ve got a lot of questions. Questions deserve answers. It’s the only thing that satisfies them and I have many...” reads the accompanying text.