ISLAMABAD - Parisian skies echoed with the thundering sound of PAF JF-17 as it took off for a spectacular aerobatics display on the opening day of 53rd International Paris Air Show at Le Bourget Paris on Tuesday.

Painted in the colour scheme of national flag, the ‘Pride of Pakistan’ exhibited a dazzling aerial performance which included some extraordinary manoeuvres like the muscle climb, thunder turn, slow speed performance and inverted flight. The astounding performance by the PAF demo pilot, Wing Commander Zeeshan Baryar, left the spectators spellbound. The viewers were startled to see this sleek and agile multirole fighter aircraft rubbing its shoulders with the French made Rafale, which also performed at the occasion.

Besides aerobatics demonstration, one JF-17 is also put on static display showcasing its latest range of weapons. A large number of aviation experts and potential buyers witnessed the aircraft, which has been indigenously manufactured at PAC Kamra.

Paris Air Show is the largest aerospace-industry exhibition which is organized by French Aerospace Industries Association after every two years.

The Air Show brings together a large number of exhibiters and major aviation industries from different countries around the world, according to a press release issued by the PAF.