KARACHI   -    A total 27 lawmakers belonged to treasury and opposition on Tuesday spoke on the proposals put forward by the provincial government as debate on the budget 2019-20 continued in the Sindh Assembly.

The second day’s discussion was began with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf lawmaker Sidra Imran who came down hard on the provincial government for allocating ‘only one per cent’ of its total budget for transport department. She said the government had claimed to resolve transport woes by constructing yellow, red and other lines but kept a minimal amount for that. Speaking on education sector, Sidra said that around 6 million children were out of school in the province.

Shazia Kareem of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party said the provincial government presented a balanced despite limited resources and injustices of the Centre. “Education, health and law and order are one of the priorities of Sindh government,” she added.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan MPA Mangla Sharma was of the view that Hindu girls were often forced to convert their religion, demanding formation of minorities commission to overcome the issue. Mangla asked the reason why law was not implemented to control child marriages. “Our issues are not going to be resolved by just Bilawal Bhutto’s participation in Holi or other religious festival,” she added while demanding concrete measures to ensure the rights of minorities.

Moazzam Abbasi, the Grand Democratic Alliance’s lawmaker elected from Larkana, came down hard on the provincial government and said the PPP had destroyed the city of martyrs, Larkana. “There is hub of garbage in Larkana as well as the sewerage system has been collapsed yet the PPP Chairman didn’t turn up to his constituency after winning the election,” said Abbasi. He added that the Larkana Development Authority’s employees were deprived of their salaries as the corruption of millions of rupees was carried out in the department.Kulsoom Chandio of the PPP hit back at the GDA lawmaker and said Bilawal had celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr in Larkana. She said there was nothing for common man in the federal budget but the Prime Minister House budget was increased.

The GDA’s Naseem Rajper was of the view that no improvement was witnessed in health department despite expenditures of billions of rupees as HIV and cases of other diseases were reported quite regularly. “The people of Sindh face issues like poverty and joblessness and thousands of children are out of school,” she added.

Rashid Khilji of MQM-P said that sense of deprivation amongst the  people of Urban Sindh was increasing considerably as they were not being given their due share. Even the PPP members are requesting for their schemes to be incorporated in the budget that shows that treasury members were also not taken on board while making budget, said Khilji.

The PTI’s Adeel Ahmed said Sindh government was decrying cut of funds by the centre but in fact the federal government had to cut funds of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab too. He was of the view that the provincial government has not allocated enough amount for completion of development schemes. “Only two to five per cent of the total estimated amount has been allocated for many schemes and now they would take several years to complete,” Adeel said.

Tariq Ali Talpur of PPP said their leadership was being politically victimized under the garb of accountability. He was of the view that 18th Constitutional amendment cannot be rolled back at any cost and added that Sindh would never be divided.

The PPP’s—Shahid Taheem, Aijaz Shah Bukhari, Shah Hussain Shah Sheerazi, Mumtaz Chandio, Surrendra Vallasi, Burhan Chandio, Riaz Hussain Shah Sheerazi, Pir Mujeeb ul Huq, Hizbullah Bughio, Syed Zia Abbas Shah, Taj Muhammad Mallah, Seemi Soomro, Shaheena and Anthony Naveed—; PTI’s—Kareem Bux Gabool, Adeeba Hassan and Muhammad Shabbir—and Shahana Ashar of MQM-P also took part in the budget discussion.