The Lower House of the Parliament witnessed a dirty scene during its proceedings just before break of Maghrib prayer. Now when the Leader of the House Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had graced the sitting, everyone including members and viewers in the galleries anticipated him to say something in soothing the mood tense by then. But PPPs Abdul Qadir Patel who was in the chair of the Speaker abruptly adjourned the House, apparently and surely, to rather rescue the Prime Minister. Premier Gilani, rather than answering questions of PML-Q MNA Kashmala Tariq about the religion and ethnic origin of Qauid-I-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on the floor of the House, responded to her after the adjournment. According to Kashmala, the Prime Minister told her after the session that it was his forefathers who inspired Jinnahs elders to embrace Islam. It is strange that good great heir of Gilani who helped even Jinnahs ancestors to embrace Islam, could not give even a word to the House when it had gone haywire and direly needed its leader to vanguard. Thus, the Prime Minister seeking refuge in adjournment of the session appeared, perhaps, falling a little short of the grandeur of his own family tree. Bad taste of what happened in the session between Abid Sher Ali of the PML-N, and Pir Haider Shah of ANP earlier in the session was still not over, yet another dirty scene was there to see just outside the National Assembly hall in presence of a number of parliamentarians and ministers. A person who introduced himself as Malik Mazhar Kamboh claiming to be a worker of the Pakistan Peoples Party started abusing and thrashing a senior journalist working for a private media group. I warn you and others (he took the names of his the journalists colleagues) to stop maligning my President Asif Ali Zardari on TV, otherwise you would face dire consequences, the PPP worker shouted at the journalist while his companions pulled him back. Coming downstairs towards the gate No. 1 of the Parliament House, the same PPP worker once again saw the same journalist chatting with PML-Q MNA Nosheen Saeed. I think you have heard me, dont do it again. And warn your colleagues (by name) as well, who take bribe from CIA to malign my President Zardari, he again shouted in the lobby. The journalist did his best to avoid the outrageous PPP jiala, perhaps that was his only choice. Nosheen Saeed, however, thought it should not be on. She rushed after the PPP worker outside the gate No 1, asked the person who he was and why he had been abusing inside the Parliament House a senior journalist. He again repeated his stance in an elated pitch by saying that no one would be spared to criticise the President. That left the Member of the Parliament and the journalists present at that time with a variety of questions starting from who was he, how he came in rather who brought him in, so on and so forth. Yet another parliamentarian while chatting with the journalists warned that such an attitude of the Government and that of the compromising Opposition would lead the country to anarchy. But he was unable to answer the question whether a ruling party worker abusing and threatening journalists in the lobby of the Parliament House was itself not an anarchic behaviour?