ISLAMABAD Voluntary repatriation of registered Afghans with Proof of Registration (PoR) cards will resume on March 22, official sources informed on Thursday. According to the informed sources, Registered Afghans, living in Pakistan, who choose to voluntarily repatriate with UNHCR assistance during the year can approach the Voluntary Repatriation Centres (VRCs) in Peshawar and Quetta. The sources informed that that UNHCR, the executing agency, had made special arrangements for the Afghans intending to repatriate. The UNHCR has, in the meantime, announced that Afghans approaching the centre must bring their own and family members PoR cards along with two coloured family group photos. UNHCR will not process Afghans without PoR cards (PoR card is mandatory) and the photos. Each returnee will get an average of US $100 per individual as one time assistance, to facilitate their return based on distances to their destination inside Afghanistan. Iris verification for returnees aged five years and above is mandatory for UNHCR assistance. Returnees eyes will be scanned to confirm that they have not already received UNHCR repatriation assistance. No assistance is paid to returnees who have already availed the package previously. Registered Afghans are encouraged to check with UNHCR, if the centres are operational on their intended date of return at the phone numbers given below. Voluntary Repatriation Centres will remain closed on public holidays. Registration of newborn babies is mandatory in order to receive the voluntary repatriation grant. Unregistered newborns will not be eligible to receive the voluntary repatriation assistance offered by UNHCR. To register a newborn, registered Afghans are encouraged to visit the nearest, Proof of Registration (PoR) Card Modification (PCM Centres) in Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore and Haripur. In Balochistan newborn babies can be added at the Baleli Voluntary Repatriation Centre.