DR A.H. KHAYAL President Karzai has averred that American drones do not use Afghan territory for bombing purposes. Almost identical is Pakistans stand. The masses wonder if the drones neither use Afghanistani nor Pakistani territories then from where do they come. The masses are piteously ignorant. They just dont know that the drones are not material creatures. Actually, they are spiritual beings. They dont need earthly runways for taking-off. Nor do they need petrol for accomplishing their mission. They live in outer space beyond the international boundaries of Afghanistan and Pakistan. When they feel hungry, they swoop down and kill innocent Afghani women and children. They eat the corpses and fly back to their spatial residences for having a siesta. When they again feel hungry, they again swoop down and kill another lot of innocent women and children. Having devoured the dead bodies, they fly back to their bedrooms in space. It has been going on and on like this for years. Washington firmly believes that it is waging a war against the violators of human rights. According to Washington, currently there are four major violators: China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. America is furiously condemning these countries for lacerating human rights. American drones are regularly killing Afghani women and children. Are not these killings a horrific violation of human rights? Not at all. There is a reason. Of course, the women and children killed by the drones look like human beings but America believes that they are not genuine human beings. They are mere fake copies of human beings. Obviously, killing counterfeit copies of human beings cannot be condemned as a violation of human rights. America is innocent. As America enhances the frequency of the drone attacks, the terrorists respond by enhancing the- frequency of their suicidal attacks. Unfortunately, in both the cases it is the innocent people who get barbarically killed. But the foundation of killing innocent human beings was laid by the drones. So America deserves the first prize for initiating the destruction of human rights. America is practising two contradictory ideologies: democracy at home and hypocrisy abroad. Americas occupation of Iraq was an extremely bloody affair. It killed, crippled and flung out of Iraq millions of innocent Iraqis. And yet America keeps trumpeting that it is devotedly crusading for the promotion of human rights. What a monstrous hypocrisy Inspired by her achievements in Iraq, America is now busy destroying human rights in Afghanistan. Obviously, the destruction of human rights in Iraq was a rehearsal for the destruction of human rights in Afghanistan. Only America is capable of destroying human rights on such a colossal scale. In ancient times, there was a political dogma which declared: The king cant kill. It meant that the king had a divine right to kill anyone in the interest of his kingship. Cromwell killed the dogma. America has reanimated it. According to it, America has a divine right to kill any citizen of any country in its own interest. Is protection of human rights possible under such a dogma? Let not ask stupid questions. Two wars are going on in the world: one between America and China and the other between America and Russia. Both the wars are inaugurated by America. In both the wars the combatants are firing verbal missiles against each other. In the American-Chinese war, America is denouncing China as a horrible violator of human rights. Hitting back, China is denouncing America as a more horrible violator. In the other war, America and Russia are accusing each other of perpetrating crimes against humanity. China has accused America of interfering in the domestic affairs of other countries. Chinas ignorance is pitiable. China must know that America loves interfering in other countries affairs because she has nothing else to do. She must keep herself active. Inactivity would damage her health. Thus, interfering in other countries internal affairs is a medical need of America. America has created two contradictory philosophies about human rights: one for itself and to other for other countries. America believes that Irans atomic activities are a violation of human rights. Likewise, North Koreas atomic activities are a violation of human rights. But American atomic weapons are not a violation of human rights. Even every animal knows that America has an oceanful of atomic weapons. But these weapons dont violate human rights. They dont violate these rights because they are born in America. If atomic weapons were to be born in Iran or North Korea they would destroy every single human right all over the globe. The writer is an academic.