LAHORE - Secretary General Jamaat-e-Islami Liaquat Baloch has urged the Parliament not to take a decision on renaming the NWFP unilaterally under pressure from any particular group and keep in mind the public opinion in this respect. He said Afghania, Khyber or Abbaseen were names acceptable all over the province. He was talking to a group of Hazara Students Federation that called on him at Mansoora Thursday to convey the reservations of the Hazara Division people in regard to renaming of the province. The delegation led by Sardar Muhamamd Usman, appreciated that the JI had always kept under consideration the sentiments of the Hazara people on this issue. Liaquat Baloch assured the delegation that the JI would stick to its principled stance that the NWFP should be renamed through consensus and it would convey the reservations of the Hazara people to the people in power. He recalled that a similar move in 1998 had sparked violent protests in Hazara. He said if these people were not taken into confidence and their reservations were not removed, the solidarity of the province would be affected and it might lead to ethnic riots which the province could not afford. He said that the new name should be acceptable to the people of Hazara and D I Khan.