ISLAMABAD (AFP) Smiling and in high spirits, a five-year-old British boy boarded a flight home from Pakistan on Thursday after being reunited with his overjoyed father following a 12-day kidnapping ordeal. Sporting a new hair cut, Sahil Saeed kicked around a football on the lawn of the British high commissioners residence in Islamabad, joined by a little girl playmate, and was smothered in hugs and kisses from relatives. Smiling and waving as he was cuddled by his relieved father, Sahil seemed in high spirits and gulped down a drink brought out by a member of the household staff, television footage showed. The emotional reunion came after his father, Raja Naqqash Saeed, flew back to Pakistan to collect his son and return him to Britain, days after the boys uncle dropped off a 110,000 pound (168,000 dollar) ransom in Paris. I am completely overjoyed that I have been reunited with my son after such a long ordeal, the father said in a statement released by the high commission. Sahil is doing well, is in good spirits and cant wait to return to the UK to see his mum, his family and join his friends back at school, he added, thanking British and Pakistani authorities for assisting in his sons return. The father, son and an uncle took off for Manchester aboard Pakistan International Airlines flight 701 at 3:15 pm, PIA official Mohammad Imran told AFP. Saeeds mother Akila Naqqash, who spoke to her son by telephone from her home in Oldham, northern England, promised him a big party on his return. Prime Minister Gordon Brown thanked Pakistan on Thursday for helping secure the release of the British boy. People of course are very, very happy that this potentially tragic story is ending in Sahil coming back to our country today, he said. I think we have got to recognise the exceptional role played by Greater Manchester Police and thank the Pakistan government, he added, speaking in the childs hometown of Oldham, near Manchester in northern England. Its obviously been a very anxious time for everybody and the whole country has been following this sad episode, where a five-year-old to be separated from his family is really a very terrible experience, Brown said. We have got to have some understanding of what people have been going through, particularly Sahil, who hopefully will get back to enjoying his life. British High Commissioner Adam Thomson said he was thrilled that Sahil was back with his father. This brings to an end a long period of terrible anxiety and uncertainty. I wish them all the best as they rejoin the rest of their family back in the UK, he said in a statement. A Pakistani man and a Romanian woman, who have been charged with murder and are awaiting trial, were among five people arrested by police Tuesday. The couple travelled from the northeastern Spanish town of Constanti, which has a large Pakistani community, to Paris, where they collected the ransom and returned to Spain, where they were arrested. Another Pakistani man was also arrested in Constanti while French police detained two family members of the man who went to Paris for being accomplices. They had put up the couple at their Paris apartment. The authorities made the arrests once they were informed that Sahil had been recovered in Pakistan and was safe, said the head of the Spanish polices economic and violent crime unit, commander Serafin Castro. Police found nearly 104,000 pounds and over 3,000 euros in the couples flat in Constanti as well as several mobile telephones, including one used to make calls to the boys father in Paris, and a new computer. Castro said the kidnapping began when four men armed with grenades and Kalashnikov rifles stormed the house in Jhelum and tied up all the family members as well as the driver of a taxi booked to go to the airport, before leaving with the boy.