Today, we are in deep trouble because of an energy crisis that seems to have no conventional recourse. Despite talk about the planet heating up, the rate of fossil fuel consumption is increasing phenomenally. Could it be that the heating earth itself is the resource that might provide us if we could develop a cheap and advanced system like the geo-thermal energy? This may just be the system that could blaze new vistas in energy generation in Pakistan too. You see, unlike power plants that rely on fossil fuels to create electricity, geo-thermal power generation uses the superheated fluids in depths of the earth. The wells are drilled 5 to 10 thousand feet below the surface of earth to draw up the superheated fluids to the crust. For every 100 meter, or 328 feet, as we go down the earth, the temperature increases by 3 degree (Celsius). So, if we go down 10,000 feet below the ground, the temperature of rock would be hot enough to boil the water that boils at approximately 100 C. The water found have is the one which had deposited in these depths due to rainwater seepage into the underground molten rock thousands of years ago. This superheated fluid can be used to move a turbine to generate electricityhundreds of megawatts of it. The geo-thermal power plant has many advantages over other power plants; it is renewable, fuel-free, environment-friendly, sustainable, available-at-all-times energy resource. Geo-thermal power plants have not been explored so far in Pakistan. Pakistan is not lacking in energy resources but is deficient due to paucity of action in exploiting their potential. Our main problem is the current template of policy which is skewed heavily in favour of hydro carbons based power generation, to the tune of over 85% dependence on oil and gas. For development of geo-thermal energy plants, sites in places like Kharan, Thar, Karachi synclinorium, Chaghi, Panjgur and Makran etc have vast potential. -YASIR BHUTTO, Nawabshah, March 16.