KARACHI A group of former Olympians led by Islahuddin Saddique were unrelenting in their demand for the removal of PHF secretary Asif Bajwa from the post. They said that they would continue to agitate till the removal of Asif Bajwa, which is the only way to save Pakistan hockey from further disaster. They said that he was the man responsible for the bad performance during the World Cup where four-time winners finished last. This group of former Olympians was speaking here on Thursday afternoon at the Karachi Press Club where they were specially invited by sports committee of the club to speak on the debacle and to provide reasons and causes for Pakistans poor performance. Those who spoke on the occasion were Islahuddin, Samiullah, Shahnaz Shaikh, Shahbaz Ahmed (senior), Akhtarul Islam, Ayaz Mahmood, Rashidul Hasan. Shahnaz Shaikh and Shahbaz Ahmed (senior) had specially come here to attend the programme. However, it has been learnt that they are in the town at the invitation of federal sports minister who would like to meet the agitating Olympians some time Thursday night or Friday. Some other Olympians who were present at the Karachi Press Club but did not speak were goalkeeper Moeenuddin, half back Naeem Akhtar, forward Kamran Ashraf, goalkeeper Mansoor Ahmed, forward Qamar Ibrahim, forward Saeed Khan and goalkeeper Qamar Zia who four days ago had initiated the move under the slogan: Remove Bajwa, Save Hockey. The former Olympians had gathered at the residence of Qamar Zia and had jointly addressed a media conference in which they demanded removal of Asif Bajwa and had asked the PHF president former Olympian Qasim Zia to meet their request in three days. Those three-day period ended on Wednesday afternoon. Shahnaz Shaikh, the former Olympian the speedy left winger, spoke with passion and explained why Pakistan finished at the bottom of the pile and added that there should be accountability for the defeat and the person or persons responsible for this insult should be punished. He pointed his accusing finger at PHF secretary Asif Bajwa who, he said, was responsible for the debacle. Identifying reasons for Pakistans poor performance, he said it happened because Pakistan against its grain played defensive hockey. Pakistan since 1948 had been playing attacking hockey because it suited their system. Playing defensive hockey put immense pressure on star players like PC specialist Sohail Abbas who had his energy drained because he had to defend the territory. The defensive tactics also put pressure on keeper Salman Akber and demoralised the team. He said the rot in Pakistan hockey set in 2000 when alien coaches introduced defensive European system in the name of modern hockey. This recipe proved disastrous in New Delhi, he said. Second reason that he gave was lack of physical fitness of the team. He said he had been told that training was restricted to drill hockey during the camps and there was no match practice or endurance hockey which affected fitness. He emphatically said that a system in hockey was based on the local environment and added defensive modern hockey did not suit Pakistan. He said the PPP government had provided huge funds to the PHF. He claimed that around Rs 40 crores were collected by the PHF president and about Rs 15 to 20 crore were spent on the preparation and participation in the World Cup. He said the money given to the PHF by the prime minister or banks or provinces was the money of the people of Pakistan and there should be accountability of each penny spent by the PHF. People, who spent the funds, should be accountable and asked to explain the expenditure, he added. He said Pakistan hockey had an excellent past. Pakistan between 1948 and 2000 won 45 medals out of which 20 were gold, 14 silver and 11 bronze. Twelfth rank at New Delhi certainly was not for Pakistan, he said. Samiullah lambasted Asif Bajwa and alleged he was not capable to hold the post of secretary in the PHF. He did not have the IQ for the job, he added. He said any structure built on lies and ill will could not last long. The recent election of the PHF were result of lies. Those responsible for holding elections tried to keep people of repute from the elections and helped sycophants to win. Talking to the PHF president, he asked him the time had come to remove Asif Bajwa. Former Olympian Ayaz Mahmood advised Asif Bajwa to leave the office voluntarily with honour. Bajwa was responsible for whatever had happened in New Delhi and added Pakistan hockey will rise once Bajwa leaves. Shahbaz Ahmed, who led Pakistan to victory in 1994 Sydney World Cup, said six days ago, he was part of the PHF and recalled he had told while accepting a seat in the executive board that he would give the new administration some time to prove. But after New Delhi debacle, he decided to leave. He said he talked to Asif Bajwa and told him that it was his moral duty to leave after the World Cup. He said Pakistan hockey had suffered severe damage and it would take many years to recover from the set back. He asked Bajwa to resign. Former half back Rashidul Hasan asked the PHF chief to sack Bajwa. Islahuddin said that people who loudly claim credit for victory should also take credit for defeat. He said former hockey player should stand as one in the hour of trial of Pakistan hockey, otherwise they would be bracketed with those who had killed the sport. He said the movement launched by the Olympians was to save Pakistan hockey and not for getting any offices or jobs in the PHF.