LAHORE -Acute shortage of potable water in the City has multiplied the miseries of the citizens while unscheduled power loadshedding has added insult to injury, causing massive menace for the people on Thursday, a survey conducted by The Nation revealed. Moreover, the loadshedding has also caused trouble for the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa), which is receiving a number of complaints of shortage of water from various areas of the City. However, Wasa officials are helpless to redress their complaints due to electricity loadshedding. It was also complained by tubewell operators to their higher authorities that a number of tubewells installed in various areas of the City also were not working properly and unable to pull water from the soil which is causing inconvenience for the masses. Whereas the people, having no water storage arrangements in their homes or working places have to face trouble to get potable water particularly in the wee hours of the day and most of them could not reach their working places in time due to unavailability of water. A tubewell operator of Wasa Ghulam Rasool told most of the tubewells installed in various areas were in poor condition and unable to supply sufficient quantity of potable water to the citizens. They needed to be replaced particularly before the start of summer season because such tubewells were unreliable and could stop supplying working any time. In this regard, Dr Javed Iqbal Managing Director (MD) of Wasa, while talking to The Nation told that unscheduled electricity loadshedding is not only causing nuisance for the masses but also is causing troubles for the department which have to face loss of a number of tubewells which already are in poor condition, wrenched by unscheduled electricity loadshedding. He said as many as 450 tubewells were operational in the City and the department had also sent a summery for the approval of new tubewells in the City particularly for those areas having no tubewells. He said the department was installing generators to run the tubewells located at residential and commercial localities that needed high quantity of consumption of water. Regarding level of underground water, he said although the level of water was getting down day by day due to excessive use of water by the citizens while the demand was also increasing due to rapidly growing population in the City. However, he said the underground reservoirs of potable water were not going to end despite level of water is decreasing promptly. Deputy Managing Director (DMD) Wasa, Iqtidar Shah said currently water level in the City is 600 to 700 feet down and decreasing about one meter every year which might decrease up to 800 feet soon due to misuse of water by the citizens. He said creating awareness among the masses regarding careful use of water was need of the hour otherwise masses would have to face drought-like situation in the City.