NEW YORK - Efforts to put in place the political and security foundation in the Taliban stronghold of Kandahar have begun, the top U.S. general in Afghanistan has said. Gen. Stanley McChrystal said the campaign to rid Kandahar of the Taliban won't resemble last month's military offensive in Marjah in neighbouring Helmand province, but would gradually build up military and political strengths, The Air Force Times reported Wednesday. "What you are going to see in the months ahead ... is a number of activities to shape the political relationships in and around Kandahar," McChrystal said. McChrystal said he already increased coalition forces in the province and will "continue to increase Afghan National Security Forces and coalition forces in the months ahead." Progress so far in Marjah has been good, McChrystal said, adding, (We) are just really still in the back end of the military phase of this, and that the longer-term phases ... where we've got to establish credible Afghan governance ... is a significant task in front of us."