LONDON (AFP) Chairman Tehrik-e-Insaf Imran Khan has warned that the armys offensive in the tribal areas is pushing the country to the brink of civil war, in comments published in a newspaper. He also blamed US-Pakistan military attacks in the areas bordering Afghanistan for creating the Pakistan Taliban, in the comments in Londons Evening Standard paper on Wednesday. Its civil war in the making, said the opposition politician, referring to the decision to send the army into the tribal areas in Pakistans northwest. They were like a bull in a china shop, fighting one or two guerrillas with aerial bombing of villages. That turned people against the army and a new phenomenon was created: the Pakistan Taliban. For Imran the way to deal with militants is through boosting state help for the poor.You will have no problem with extremists in Pakistan if you have democracy with a welfare state, he told an audience in London, according to the paper. And the legendary cricketer said he still rejected the notion of a conventional political career as he would be forced to compromise. If someone offered me a political career, I would shoot myself, he said. Having to get votes through making compromises, no thank you. The classic example in England is Tony Blair. How did the people go wrong with him lying all the way? He sold the idea that there were weapons of mass destruction.