LAHORE Punjab Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan has said attributing terrorists to any province is tantamount to strengthen hands of the enemies of Pakistan as well as the murderers of humanity. He was reacting to the statement of Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik in which he had alleged that the Punjabi Taliban were involved in suicide attacks. In press release issued here on Thursday, Rana Sana said those playing havoc with the lives of innocent people had neither religious nor provincial attachment. That is why no patriotic leader in Pakistan has ever used the term Paktoon Taliban, Sindhi Taliban or Balochi Taliban for the terrorists. The use of the phrase 'Punjabi Taliban is an open conspiracy against solidarity and stability of Pakistan, which is aimed at weakening the aspirations of the whole nation as far as the war against terrorism is concerned. On the other hand, it is damaging to the atmosphere of solidarity and brotherhood among all the provinces, he added. Rana Sana demanded of Rehman Malik to seek apology from the nation for using the phrase 'Punjabi Taliban and withdraw his statement. Otherwise people will be justified in understanding that Malik wants to divert the attention of the nation from war against terror to provincialism. At this critical juncture of our history, nation cannot afford such statements which promote hatred among federating units of Pakistan, he maintained.