MULTAN - The President Mango Growers Association Pakistan and Chairman Board of Management Agro Food Processing Facilities (Mango Pulp Plant) AFP Multan, Syed Zahid Hussain Gardezi has said that unfound fears regarding the failure of this project being raised by some non-stakeholders are just baseless and promoted for achieving vested interests. Talking to The Nation here on Thursday, Gardezi said that the representation in AFPs Board of Management is a classic mix of technocrats, visionary mango growers and industry people to help guide their brethrens growers achieve the objectives of the project. He said that the benefits of this facility will directly be felt by growers once this goes into commercial production and the Government resolve of raising economic health of rural community will be a step towards that achievement. He said that AFP is a Common Facility Centre for growers which was established by SMEDA to add value to the mango and other fruits grown in the region for benefits to mango growers of the area and not to mint money as an industry. He said that the mango pulp plant became operational for test run for all fruits like mango, apple, guava and tomato and is in shut down phase till commencement of mango season in year 2010.