In the quest for growth and prosperity, the mankind is consuming earths resources at a very fast rate, and more developed they are, higher their rate of consumption. Our common reserves of coal, wood, oil and other minerals are being depleted by the industrially advanced nations. The world economy is in recession but recovery is different in pace due to unequal income distribution among different countries of the world. The under-developed countries possess more than 75% of the world population. The living standards have declined dramatically in these countries during the last few decades. But in the developed world, scientific growth has blessed their whole populations and changed their lives completely. The developed countries of the world contain less than 25% of the world population but a very large, far too large, a proportion of resources. The people of developed countries are also reluctant to help those that are poor and dying due to scarcity of resources. Although developed countries purchase most of their raw material from under developed countries they do so at very low price. The low prices of raw materials keep a leash on under-developed countries that holds them back from surging forward on a path to prosperity and stability. Another devastating effect of the so-called scientific growth of the developed countries is that ozone layer, a free protection offered by nature to the humanity, has been damaged which has caused the global warming to increase at an uncontrollable pace. Scientists estimate that we might end up having total destruction of life on earth in 25 years if we keep destroying the environment through infusion of chemicals and carbon emissions from factories, homes and cars and nuclear emissions from Uranium-enrichment for weapons and power generation. Now is the time for us all, wherever on earth we may be, to act like citizens of the world instead of any specific territory. If we kept developing technologies that are destroying the natural environment essential for survival of humans, our future generations would be afflicted with genetic disorders caused by pollution on the planet. And they would hamper under-developed countries more than the developed world. One very important thing to remember is the mans loneliness in the universe. He is destroying his only place of residence in this strange and infinite expanse of millions of galaxies with innumerable stars with out any other life. Developing humanity at the expense of humanity is akin to digging grave of the entire mankind. -SYED NADEEM ABBAS, Lahore, March 16.