KARACHI - Chairman of the All Pakistan Railway Workers Federation Manzoor Razi has said that the government should wave off all the payables of Pakistan Railways to make it a profitable institution. He expressed these views while talking to The Nation on Thursday. Manzoor Razi said that the corruption, mismanagement, luxuries of the bureaucrats and a large number of ministers put the institution into losses. The government should wave of all the payables of Pakistan Railways to resolve the crises he added. He said that the institution was facing losses of Rs.30 billions in the tenure of Pervez Musharraf. And it went towards the betterment when he granted Rs4 billions for the development. He said now the privatization is being suggested to overcome the deficits. Manzoor Razi said that he and his organization workers had a meeting with General Manager in which some suggestion were given to him about the recovery from the deficit but those were not fulfilled. The chairman said that the railway is an only institution that deposits of its earning around Rs.70 to 80 million daily in the National Bank of Pakistan which is not being practiced by any other institutions of the country. He mentioned that the railway also receives a subsidy of Rs 10 billion from the government which is not enough to achieve the organizational goals. He deplored that the railway is a big client of Pakistan State Oil that purchases Rs.700 millions oil per month but it is not using the railways supply line for distributing the oil across the country adding that the contract should be ended and the oil should be purchased from Iran and open market. Razi said that a huge amount of oil is being theft from the goods train but the government is not taking the notice of a great loss saying that around 25 to 30 liters oil remains useless in oil tanks of the train that couldnt take out because of the unavailability of the meter causing a loss of thousands of liters. He demanded of the government to appoint a single minister for the institution and representation of the workers at higher level to resolving the crises of Pakistan Railways.