LAHORE - Provincial Minister for Food Malik Nadeem Kamran has said that Punjab govt has asked federal government to export 1.5 lakh metric tons stored wheat of last year. The minister said that in future the purchased wheat would be stored in Gunjiun that would be covered by polypropylene sheets. He said that the payment would be made to the farmers by cheques within 48-hours and strict action would be taken against those, who would delay the payment process. According to an official handout issued on Thursday, the minister said that wheat procurement campaign would be started from next month for which Qanoongoee has been established by setting up 400 procurement centers in various districts of Punjab, whereas, banners are also being displayed in the areas concerned for creating awareness among the cultivators. He said that order has been given to purchase 1.5 crore jute gunny bags and 2.4 crore polythene bags. Per acre eight bags would be distributed among the farmers respective to their land, he added. The minister said that he would personally monitor all the wheat procurement centers. He said that target has been given to Punjab government to procure 40 lakh metric tons wheat, whereas, arrangements have been made to purchase 50 lakh metric tons wheat. He said that federal government has promised to provide the amount by the end of this month for procuring 40 lakh metric tons wheat. He said that a 6-members committee comprising MNAs, MPAs, local cultivators, farmers organizations, representatives of DCOs and Revenue Department, is being constituted for making procurement process transparent.