It took the Chief Justice of Pakistan heading a three member bench to order arrest of owner of Ms Everest, a pharmaceutical company, manufacturing fake drugs. This action should have been taken by Drug Regulatory Authority and concerned DPO and RPO posted where factory was located. It reflects upon failure of Federal and Provincial Health Ministry and bureaucrats whose job it was to ensure that such criminals are apprehended. In principle what Senator Raza Rabbani, who is widely respected, in his farewell address stated that all institutions must work within their defined constitutional corridors is correct. The fact remains that political executive and institutions of this state have wavered from their defined constitutional roles, involved in commercial enterprises and housing societies, instead of performing their assigned roles to optimum capacity and serving public interest.

The problem is not with democracy, a system of governance which has been tested and practiced in countries that today are part of Developed World, but with individuals who under garb of democracy, assume role of tyrants, abusing their powers. If political executive and paid bureaucracy had been performing their roles, than fake drugs, contaminated water, adulterated milk and other essential food items unfit for human consumption would not be sold openly in markets. When thousands of acres of state forest land, and mangroves along the coast, are taken over by Land Mafia, than it reflects upon evil nexus that haunts this country like a cancer. The State levies taxes to provide essential services to citizens, which include security of life, private property, basic health, education and justice for all.

It is common to witness that a member of a family serving as bureaucrat while another member of same family involved in family trade business and both working to protect family interests at cost of public interest.


Lahore, March 7.