LAHORE - Liaqat Baloch, a central leader of the Jamaat-i-Islami, says Prime Minister Imran Khan has shattered the image of the state of Madina as the country has not seen such a weak and helpless government in its history. Addressing an Iftar party, he said the record value of the dollar and continuous increase in the prices of gas, POL and electricity had now become unbearable for the masses. He said that no one would be able to control the public reaction in this regard. As such, he said, the government itself was providing fuel for the opposition protest movement. Liaqat Baloch said that each government tried to earn public goodwill by blaming the past governments for the poor state of affairs in the country and the PTI government was also doing that. However, he said, the PTI should inform the nation what steps it had taken for public welfare so far. The JI deputy chief rang up PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira and sympathized with him on the tragic death of his young son in a road accident. He will visit Lalamusa on Sunday to offer his condolences with the PPP leader.