ISLAMABAD-Capital Development Authority in collaboration with Islamabad District Administration is conducting vigorous operations to eliminate encroachments made by illegal occupiers, car dealers, showrooms owners and others on footpaths and parking areas in different ‘marakiz’ of Islamabad.

Due to encroachments made by motor car dealers in ‘marakiz’, pedestrian movement is affected badly and citizens have to face difficulties in parking due to illegitimate ramps constructed by car dealers and showrooms owners and illegal occupiers on footpaths and parking areas of the ‘marakiz’.

In this connection, a vigorous operation was conducted in G-8 Markaz on Saturday and several illegal encroachments hindering the pedestrian movement were demolished or removed.

The operation was participated by around 300 officers and officials including Enforcement Directorate, ICT Administration, Islamabad Police, Traffic Police, Reserve police and relevant staff of other concerned formations. The ADC (General) ICT was also present to monitor law and order situation. During the operation, heavy machinery was also used to remove illegally-constructed ramps.

During the operation, several illegally-constructed ramps and structures were razed while unattended parked vehicles of car dealers and showrooms in public parking areas were shifted to Karachi Company Police Station.

Furthermore, 6 car showrooms including were also sealed during the operation. Similarly, 3 illegal kiosks, 2 berries and one ‘chapper hotel’ along with tea stall were also demolished during the operation.

The operation will be continue and its scope will be further expanded to all ‘marakiz’ and business centres of Islamabad so that parking areas as well as footpaths and verandas of markets are freed from encroachers and pedestrian movement general public visiting these markets could be facilitated.