Lahore/ISLAMABAD - Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan Saturday regretted the conspiracy being hatched by the Opposition parties against the democratically-elected government during the holy month of Ramazan.

“Hatching conspiracy against democratically-elected government in the name of Iftar during the sacred month is regretful,” she said in her tweet while commenting on Opposition parties’ Iftar dinner planned for Sunday.

She said whatsoever the Opposition was facing, was the consequence of their ill-intentions, adding they (Opposition) always worked to make money, thought for well-being and bright future of their children.

Unfortunately, Dr Firdous said those who created problems for the people were now busy in protecting their personal, political and business interests in the name of Iftar parties.

Criticising the opposition for deliberations on launching movement after Eid, Firdous Ashiq Awan said opposition leaders were gathering on Iftar of Bilawal Bhutto for protecting their ownselves and not any national interest.

Says IMF deal a bitter pill. Amnesty scheme will bring revenue, promote tax culture

Talking to media after inaugurating Railways shelter home yesterday, she said the PML-N top leadership had always given priority to its own kids and not those of the nation.

Dr Awan said gathering for protecting children’s interests would prove a futile attempt. She said the PTI chairman had come to power with the sole aim of breaking status quo. If he had accepted the old system and set traditions, she said, mainstream opposition parties would definitely had supported PTI government. In such a scenario, she said, there would have been no issue in the country.

Defending the government decision of seeking IMF help, she said Imran had chosen a difficult path only to take the country out of prevailing economic crises. Terming IMF deal a bitter pill, she said, people would see good results in the coming days. Referring to amnesty scheme, she said it was a declaration bill which would bring revenue and promote tax culture. She said the government had taken steps to remove Pakistan from grey list of Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Dr Awan said that enemies were wishing to put Pakistan in the black list.

Criticising previous regimes for taking hefty loans, she said the present opposition had laid landmines in country’s economy. She said the nation was paying off loans of previous governments with interest. Dr Awan said Imran Khan had proved his love for the poor by building shelter homes. She said it was a big step to remove sense of deprivation from the poor. The special assistant urged media to support government in holding accountable the ‘economic terrorists’ who had destroyed country’s economy during their tenures. She said the government was well aware about problems of media workers. She said previous regimes distributed huge public funds for getting votes and issued advertisements amounting to billons of rupees. Firdous said the present government was paying outstanding dues to media houses.