ISLAMABAD - Two Turkish women who are wives of the staff members working in Pak-Turk educational institutes are pregnant and are worried about their ‘air travel’ as their exile date is approaching near, sources said yesterday.

Talking to The Nation a staff member said that one such family is in Islamabad while the other is in Peshawar and both are under ‘immense pressure’ as they have been left with only two days to leave the country.

“On one side Turkish staff is being asked to leave the country before Nov 20, while on the other side, they fear of being arrested back in their country,” a staff member informed The Nation.

Shazia who is a teacher and also a mother to her child studying in Pak-Turk School told The Nation that local staff is very embarrassed before the Turkish teachers.

“Our colleague’s wife is ‘expecting’ and we are declaring them terrorists,” she said. 

Turkish nationals have been strictly barred to talk to media and local staff members and Pak-Turk Education Foundation (PTEF) is raising the issue in court and media.

“As Fathullah Gulen and his movement has been declared terrorist organization in Turkey so the staff in Pakistan is very much afraid that they would be arrested once they step in their country,” said a staff member who himself after studying in Turkey joined this education foundation.

President Pak-Turk International Schools and Colleges, Amir Abdullah talking to The Nation said that the allegations regarding playing ‘Gulen’s’ national anthem in the educational institutes are completely false.

However, a staff member said to The Nation, before the coup attempt in Turkey, Sometimes articles written by Turkish intellectuals were discussed at academic level, he said.

According to him there was ‘no preaching’ of political thoughts in educational institutions.

Earlier, parents, teachers and students also staged a protest in the National Press Club (NPC) and asked the government to reverse its decision regarding exile of Turkish staff.

Amir Abdullah said to The Nation the court has dismissed the petition filed against government’s decision but, has directed to again file the visa applications before ministry of interior.

The parents association brought around 300 students from inter, middle and junior level students in uniforms from the campuses of the federal capital, who were also accompanied by 25 staff members.

Amir Abdullah told The Nation that government should at least give time to Turkish staff till the end of this academic session because it will affect the performance of students. 

Abdul Jaleel, a Chemistry subject teacher in Pak-Turk school said to The Nation that current situation has disturbed the academic activities in schools.

“Mostly students are here in the protest and students, teachers, parents are tense,” he said.

Meanwhile, an official from interior ministry told The Nation that the last date regarding visas of Turkish staff has not been changed.

There are around 28 Pak-Turk schools operating in the country in which nearly 450 Turkish nationals are serving, the number also include their family members.

Few days before the arrival of Turkish President in Pakistan, the ministry of interior had issued a notification ordering the Turkish staff to leave the country till November 20 along with their families.