GADANI: Heirs of victims of Gadani ship-breaking yard explosion are still waiting for the disbursement of financial aid despite the fact that eighteen days have passed since the tragic incident occurred.

Only breadwinner of the family of eight living in hut at Goth Abdul Karim, 18-years-old Sanaullah, had aslo fallen prey to deadly blaze that swept through Gadani ship-breaking yard but grief-stricken family of Sanaullah has not been provided with any financial aid.

Among missing workers, two belonged to Gadani’s Saleh Goth.

Being disappointed from traders of ship-yard, residents of Goth Saleh have asked the government for financial aid at earliest. According to the government, 22 workers lost their lives in this incident.

Meanwhile, the Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan (ABAD)  has urged that instead of stopping work at Gadani Ship-Breaking Yards, proper safety measures be ensured at these yards.