ISLAMABAD - After an “uproar” in the social media over his performance as the lead counsel for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in the Panama case, Hamid Khan Friday announced to dissociate himself from representing the party in the Supreme Court.

Imran Khan who remained present throughout the proceedings immediately left the Supreme Court along with other PTI leaders without addressing the media, which was his routine from the first day after the apex court has taken up hearing in the Panama Papers case. Later, Khan talked to the journalists at his residence and seemed disturbed with the proceedings especially the judges’ remarks.

One of the members of the legal team confirmed to The Nation that Hamid Khan ‘is no more inclined’ to argue the Panama case before a five-member bench. PTI legal team included Hamid Khan, Naeem Bukhari and Ahmed Awais.

According to a statement issued by the PTI media department, “Hamid Khan and Imran Khan discussed the Panama case. Hamid said: “I can fight the legal battle, but not in the media”. He said during the proceedings, the judges put questions, passed remarks and observations, but drawing any conclusion was not right.

In the apex court, Hamid Khan on Thursday read PM Nawaz Sharif’s speeches to establish the link between the London flats and the premier, but the judges, expressing dissatisfaction, held “these are irrelevant to the main case”. Following the Thursday hearing, Hamid Khan was very disappointed. He even shared with a journalist that every day was not a good day. Later, the PTI supporters disparaged him on social media, which upset him.

The appointment of a new counsel would be decided on the return of Imran Khan who is in London with his two sons. There are chances that Babar Awan will replace Hamid Khan. When Babar Awan was contacted by The Nation for his comment, he just said: “I will not say anything at this moment”.

Awan has recently represented Imran Khan before the Islamabad High Court in a case regarding the PTI’s plan to lock down the federal capital.

He has also appeared on behalf of PTI leader Usman Dar in the election matter in Supreme Court. In both the cases, decisions came against the PTI.

Earlier this week, Salman Aslam Butt who was representing the prime minister’s children was replaced with Akram Sheikh.