NEWYORK-Katy Perry wants to include songs about the American Presidential election on her new album.

The 32-year-old musician was set to release her forthcoming LP next month, however her fifth studio album has been pushed back because she has started to pen tracks about Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the US election, who Katy supported and campaigned for.

An inside told The Sun newspaper: ‘’Katy has reworked the direction of her album so it reflects what she believes to be unsettling and changing times.

‘’She had the album ready to release by the end of the year but ... has been inspired to write new songs which she wants to add to it.’’

And the ‘Roar’ hitmaker believes the additional singles will bring ‘’peace and unity’’ to the nation following the large rioting, which took place after Republican Donald Trump’s victory

The source added: ‘’As such a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter, she was heavily involved with the presidential election but was shocked at how volatile it became.

‘’She hopes her new music can inspire healing, peace and unity after Trump’s win.’’ Meanwhile, the raven-haired beauty is reportedly set to go on tour next year.

In response to a social media troll who slammed the star as a ‘’flop’’, Katy retorted: ‘’See you at my show 2K17 (sic).’’