Levis, apart from being extra ordinary clothing trademark, proves to be beneficial towards other segments of society as well. The brand’s tremendous collaboration ranges from pooling resources not only from music to sports industry but also extended to numerous other humanitarian projects. Similarly, Riot Studios, owned by Farhad Humayun, an exceptionally good musician as well as drummer par excellence. Farhad came up with the brilliant idea of creating a platform for young generation music enthusiasts, to find an exceptional platform of showing their flair and make waves in music industry. Riot Studios is one of its kind and we, Lahoris cannot thank Fahad enough for coming up with an idea of creating something diverse and novel.

So far, Levis Live has had two gigs; first one in September 2016, featuring Maria Unera, Sanya Shahzad and Abdullah Qureshi with the maestro Farhad, gushing his magic. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the performances. Undoubtedly, the instruments, the stage and even the lightning effects, everything created a magic and substantiated it to be a pure bliss for music lovers. All the technicalities were very well taken care of.

Last Friday, on 11th November, Levis Live had its second gig which was attended by me. Mata-E-Jaan fame signer Bilal Khan sung some old medleys as well as his upcoming songs and completely mesmerized the listeners. The new band ‘Bayaan’ also performed and were totally being loved among the audience. Many distinguished faces attended the music engagement namely, Fawad Khan, Momina Mustehsan, Ahmed Ali Butt, Ali Noor and Ali Hamza.

Bilal Khan was ecstatic to perform in his ‘hometown’ after a long time. It was really fascinating to see two flanks-aspirations and inspirations on the same stage. The next session is planned in December and we are looking forward to it already. In fact, having something this refreshing and new after such a long time, we wish such a venture ascends high!