SADQIABAD/MANDI BAHAUDDIN/WAZIRABAD/-LALAMUSA/TOBA TEK SINGH/KAMOKE-The PML-N won most of the reserved seats in the elections conducted to the reserved of Tehsil Municipal Committees across Punjab the other day.

According to the results, the PML-N MPA group won the election to reserved seats of the TMC by clinching six out of 10 seats in Sadiqabad. Earlier, the party had split into two groups, led by MPA Ch Shafique and former TMC chairman Bashir Ahmed, over nomination of candidates’. Both the groups, however, did not let any other to divide the PML-N mandate in the tehsil as all the seats were clinched either by the MPA or former TMC chairman group.

Ch Shafique group grabbed six out of 10 seats of the TMCs. Saima Sadaf, Ukasha Akram and Nazra Parveen remained successful on women seats, Abdul Saboor on labour seat, Waqas Shafique grabbed the seat reserved for youth and Akram Maseeh got the minority seat.

While the candidates, who contested elections from the platform of Bashir group, grabbed four seats including two women seats and one seat each of labour and youth. Collectively, the ruling party swept election in the tehsil.

In Mandi Bahauddin, elections were conducted to 24 reserved seats of three municipal committees in which the PML remained dominant.

In MC Mandi Bahauddin, two PML-N group contested election against each other to10 reserved seats of the TMC. The groups were led by Punjab Minister for Women Hamida Waheed and former MPA Dewan Mushtaq respectively. According to the results, the PML-N got seven seats which include five seats of Hamida group and two seats of Dewan group. The remaining three seats were grabbed by the PTI. The election were conducted to five women, one youth and two seats of each labourer and minority.

In Phalia, the PML-N vanished from the scenario as the PTI succeeded in grabbing six out of seven seats and one seat was clinched by an independent female candidate.

In Malakwal, elections were conducted to six reserved seats including three for women and one each of labourer, youth and minority. All the seats were grabbed by an independent Qamar Khan group.

In Wazirabad, the PML-N swept the elections conducted in three Municipal Committees - Wazirabad, Alipur Chattha and Gakkhar Mandi.

In MC Wazirabad, the PML-N led two groups contested election to the 10 reserved seats. According to results, the MNA group emerged victorious by winning more seats.

In MC Alipur Chattha, elections to the seven reserved seats of the TMCs were held which were all clinched by MPA Akmal Saif Chattha group.

In MC Gakkhar Mandi, elections were conducted to eight reserved seats out of which seven were grabbed by the PML-N while the PTI clinched the remaining one.

In Lalamusa, the PML-N emerged victorious in four - Sara-e-Alamgir, Kunjah, Kharian and Jalalpur Jattan - out of five municipal committees of the tehsil. In the fifth Lalamusa MC, the PPP surprisingly defeated the PML-N and PTI-led coalition by grabbing six out of eight seats.

The PPP winning candidates are: Anum Naz, Gull Faraz Maseeh, Mehr Majeed, Mehmooda Begum, Anjum Suhail, Imtiaz Afzaal. Thus in the house of 32 members, the PPP, in the existing political scenario, has 18 members against 13 members of the joint opposition alliance while one seat is lying vacant due to the death of PPP Councillor Ch Basharat.

Consequently Nadeem Asghar Kaira, cousin of PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira, who is candidate for the chairmanship of the MC Lalamusa, has become able to win with a thumbing majority.

It is to be noted that MC Lalamusa, perhaps the only MC in Punjab where the PPP dominated the ruling party and will have its own TMC chairman.

In Toba Tek Singh, the PML-N won six out of seven reserved seats of TMCs elections while result of the seventh seat remained equal. Toss was held on Friday in the office of returning officer where the independent candidate, Nadia Kareem, was declared winner.

In Kamalia, two PML-N groups, led by MPA Nazia Raheel Gujjar and MNA Ch Asadur Rehman, contested election for 10 reserved seats.

The MPA group won elections by clinching six seats while the MNA group could get two seats. The remaining four candidates obtained equal votes. Later, two of each group were declared winner through toss. After the decision, the MPA group finally gained an ultimate power by getting seven seats while the MNA group has three seats only.

In Kamoke, the PML-N swept elections by winning nine out of 10 seats of TMC. The election was conducted to 10 reserved seats including five seats for women, two seats each of labour and minority while one seat for youth. The PML-N grabbed nine seats while the contest on a woman seat remained equal. The winner will be decided by toss.