Taxila-The ruling PML-N has swept second phase of local government elections on Thursday by clinching six out of eight reserved seats held here at TMA complex, as per unofficial results announced by local representatives of Election Commission of Pakistan. Polling started at 9am and concluded at 4pm in which 22 councillors elected eight members of the house on reserved seats through secret balloting.

For reserved seats of Municipal Committee Taxila as many as 16 including seven female candidates were on the run for reserved seats.

Although ruling PML-N and its arch rival PTI are main contesters, three independent candidates were also in run in the polls.  Assistant Commissioner Shahid Imran was designated as returning officer by election commission of Pakistan while Tehsil Officer P&C Fareeha Ameen was appointed as presiding officer for the polls on the reserved seats. 

The PML-N grabbed three out of five reserved seats of female councillors, grabbed lone seats of youth, minority and peasant seats.

For five reserved seats of female councillors, as many as seven candidates were in the run, for one reserved seat of peasants as many as four candidates were in the run, for one reserved seat of youth as many as three candidates were in the run while one reserved seat of minorities, as many as two candidates were in the run.

Those who were elected for women reserved seats included Nazia Bibi, Najam Ul Nisa and Rukhsana Tabassum were belonging to PML-N while Sumera Mehtab and Nadia Khan were belong to PTI. For the youth seat, PML-N Ardish Riaz Sheikh, for minority seat Adnan Danial and for the peasant seat, Gull Badshah was elected. After election on reserved seats, in the house, the PML-N member raised to 18 while PTI members rose to 12.